Directory Profile Editing

This page will explain how to log in and edit your Extension directory information.

Finding Your Directory Entry

You have permissions to edit your directory entry within the Penn State Extension Content Management System (CMS) website. If you don't have an entry, please contact and they can create one for you.

First, go to the Extension CMS website.  You may need to log in through the Penn State Web Access Authentication. This is the Extension CMS homepage.

The first item in the far right column is a link to the directory. This list is alphabetical, so search for or scroll down to your name. Click on your name to open your personal page.

Updating Your Information

In the green bar above your profile click "Edit" to start the process of updating your information. You will be presented with an edit screen with the following basic information: Penn State Username, First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, and Suffix.

Note - profile photographs must taken by the College photographer (Michael Houtz, ), properly sized and added by site administrators.

Next, below the "Edit Person" heading is a drop down menu with various screens.

  • Contact information: email, address, phone and fax
  • Professional information: classification (educator, faculty, staff), Job Title, Biography, Education, Areas of Expertise, Counties served
  • Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+
  • Categorization: Category Level 1, Category Level 2, State Extension Team(s)
    This is important because it makes you show up as an expert in the areas that you select!

Once you have added/edited your information. Click the Save button at the bottom of the page.