Plone: Directory Editing

This page will explain how to log in and edit your Plone faculty/staff directory information.

Use An Appropriate Web Browser

We've found that editing in Plone works best when using the Firefox browser.  Internet Explorer experiences issues when using the rich text editor.  The text editing functionality does not work at all in Internet Explorer 9.

Finding Your Directory Entry

You have permissions to edit your directory entry within a Plone site. If you don't have an entry, please contact your site administrator and have them add you to the faculty and staff directory.

First, find the directory on your site, which is usually located at "/directory" after the main Web address (e.g. or


Scroll down the list, find your name, and click it. You should now see your profile.


Verifying Your Username

Before you go any further you should verify that your directory entry matches your username. Look up in the Web address and it should look like:

http://[your web site]/directory/[your username]

The [your username] should match your Penn State username that you use to login to resources like OHR.  If your username does not match, you will not be able to edit your directory entry.  If this is the case, please contact your site administrator.

Logging Into Plone

Next, log into Plone by changing the http:// in the URL to https:// and hitting Enter. More information can be found on the logging in page.

The first time you edit your profile, you may see a This Connection is Untrusted error.  Once you acknowledge this error, you won't see it again on that computer.

After logging in you should be presented with your profile page again, but now you should also see new links/tabs to edit your profile.


Updating Your Information

Basic Information

In the green bar above your profile click "Edit" to start the process of updating your information. You will be presented with an edit screen:.


Verify that all of the information in these fields is correct and scroll down to the bottom of the page:


Do not edit the "Departments" or "Classifications" sections, since they are used to categorize specific people into groupings to be displayed on other parts of the Web site.

Also, do not check "Save as new version".

Click "Next" at the bottom of the form and you will be presented with another form that contains contact information.

Contact Information


The phone number must use the XXX-XXX-XXXX format as noted. Verify all of the information on the contact information form and then click "Next".

Professional Information

The "Professional Information" section is not as straightforward and will require special attention to the following steps.


Enter your job titles in the associated text box. Multiple titles should be entered one line at a time.

The biography section is a rich text editor similar to Microsoft Word. You can create headings, indents, bullets and links to other Web sites.

You can also use your biography section to list your publications.

Copying and pasting from Word is problematic as it carries over formatting from your Word document. If your biography is already in Word, you should copy and paste the text into Notepad or another plain text editor first.  This will strip out the Word formatting, and allow it to be cleanly pasted into the text editor.

Copy and paste it from the Notepad into the Biography section and adjust the formatting within the editor. You can also write your biography directly within Plone without having to copy and paste.

After your updating your biography you can scroll down and you will see the following screen.


Within the "Education" box you can enter your degrees and schools and again enter multiples on their own line.

You may list your websites in the "Web Sites" box. Enter one URL address per line. You can also add the Title of your website only if you enter a pipe (Shift-Backslash, the key above Enter/Return) between the URL and Title.

At this point you have completed updating all of the personal and professional information included in your directory entry. Click "Save" on this page to update your information.

Extension-specific Fields

The Extension directory contains three additional fields under the "Professional Information" tab:

  • Areas of Expertise: Provides a bulleted list of your areas of expertise in your directory entry

There are more features and options within the directory, but they are out of scope of this document.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Adding/Removing Individuals in the Directory

If you would like to add or remove an individual in a department site directory, please contact the department webmaster.

For the AgSci and Extension sites, please submit a Problem/Enhancement Request to the Web Services group with the individual's details, including:

  • Penn State Id
  • Name
  • Job Title
  • County/Counties (if Extension)

The Web Services group will create a directory entry, to which that individual should then add additional information.