Plone: Logging In and Out

Introductory information about logging into your Plone website.

Logging In

To edit a Plone site, you must login using Penn State’s Web Access.

  1. Using your browser, go to the web page on the Plone site that you would like to edit.
  2. Modify the web address by adding an “s” so the address starts with “https”. Then press <Enter>.

    Login Image 1

  3. Don't be alarmed if you see an error message indicating an Untrusted Connection. This error is normal, and there's an easy fix for the Firefox browser.

  4. You should now see the WebAccess page which will allow you to login.

    Login Image 3

  5. After you successfully login, you will return to the web page. When you are logged in, two new areas will appear on your web page:
    1. Personal bar displaying your name, which is a link to preferences and log out.
    2. Content action tabs

 Login Image 4

Logging Out

  1. One of the easiest way to log out is to close your browser window.
  2. You can also log out by clicking the “Log out” link under your name in the Personal bar.


Once you are logged in, you can switch from the “logged in” editing view to the “logged out” public view by changing the web address from “https” to “http”.

You may want to use multiple browser windows: one for the editing view and another for the public view.