How to Get a Friends of Penn State (FPS) Account

Instructions for obtaining a Friends of Penn State account for individuals who are not directly affiliated with the University. A FPS account allows a person to have secure access to selected systems and services at Penn State.

You will need a Penn State digital identity so that you can access a variety of Web-based resources and services at Penn State. This digital identity will allow you access secure web services in the College of Ag Sciences.

1. Create a FPS account

To create an account, fill out the Friends of Penn State account request form. After filling out the form and clicking the submit button, you will be presented with a unique FPS ID.  You will need this FPS ID and password to access secure web services so be sure to make a record of this information.

2. Request access to web sites

Once you obtain your PSU ID and password, you are ready to access secured web sites.  To obtain edit privileges to a web site, please contact your web site administrator who can add your information (name and FPS ID) into the system and grant the appropriate privileges.