STEP 3. Review Information Needed to Complete the Cvent Event Request Form

  1. Requester name and email address
  2. Event title
  3. Description
  4. Start and end dates
  5. Start and end times
  6. Target website launch date
  7. Registration deadline date
  8. Event capacity
  9. Will walk-ins to the event be accepted?
  10. Will registrants select sessions or tracks?
  11. Is event offered as
    Multi-day event (nonconsecutive days)
    Series of events (one website with option to choose multiple events)
    Other (includes one-day and consecutive-day events)
  12. Details to be included on event registration website (Agenda, Speakers, Sponsors, etc.) Files containing this additional information can be uploaded (Format required for upload: Word, Excel, PDF).
  13. Format of event (face-to-face, online, eLearning)
  14. Is a meal being provided? Meal choices or dietary restrictions information needed?
  15. Registration fee(s) and differential details for registration types (participants, students, speakers, guests, couples, etc.)
  16. Discounts (early bird, scholarship, promotion code, etc.)
  17. Payment methods accepted (credit cards, checks, cash). If checks, payable to whom and where to mail payment.
  18. Will refunds be provided for registration cancellations? If refunds, full or partial (amount)?
  19. Event Leader contact information
  20. Extension Registration Manager contact information
  21. State Extension Team identification
  22. Extension website calendars where event should appear
  23. Mailing List - email contacts (required for upload: Excel document containing three columns: first name, last name, email address)