STEP 2. Follow Timeline

Recommended Ideal Timeline. Following this timeline is strongly recommended and will help meet expectations when using the Extension Event Registration System

Three to Six Months Prior to Your Event or Activity

  1. Identify event for set up in the Extension Registration System, location and date, and primary contact for event content.
  2. Fill out Cvent Event Request Form. Have all supporting documents available to upload as Word and Excel files.
  3. When the event request is accepted by the event registration developer, the requester will receive an email from Cvent.
  4. The request can come in earlier or later than this suggested timeline however, please note that later submissions will impact the ability to properly market the program and allow adequate time for registration.

Three Week Minimum (15 Business Days) Prior to Registration Launch Date

  1. After the registration website has been set up, it will be put in test mode and the requester will receive an email invitation to register for the event.
  2. From this email, you will be able to access the registration website, test the registration process, review the website, and request any necessary changes before launching. 
  3. The requester will approve the registration website when they are satisfied that it is accurate and ready to launch. 
  4. The event registration will be launched by the event registration developer upon requester approval. A three week minimum (15 business days) should be allowed for event set up and launch. Turnaround can be quicker but will depend on the nature of the event and the volume of events being set up at any given time.

After Registration is Launched and Active

  1. Access to reports and registration information will be available once the website is launched and will remain available after event is completed.
  2. More detailed information about reports and the registration system is available through the Online Registration Management Guide (see Step 7), additional training, and customer support.