STEP 10. Review Event Closeout Details

The event leader (with their respective staff) is responsible for the following:

  • Ensure all payments are posted and all registrations (including walk-ins) are recorded in the Extension Registration System.
  • Create a "Registration Ad Hoc with Financials" report from the Registration System.
  • Follow up on unpaid registrations.
  • Complete the Final Event Statement (as part of the Cost Recovery Tool Workbook) and email it to *

*Contact the Extension Registration Financial Coordinator (814-865-2837) with questions.

The financial coordinator is responsible for the following:

  • Review Final Event Statement.
  • Verify income and fees.
  • Reconcile income with University financial system (IBIS).
  • Process net income/loss* based on information provided in the Final Event Statement.

*Allow 30 days for distribution of event income and expenditure reimbursement. If this timeframe presents a problem, please contact the financial coordinator and request an early disbursement of available net revenue.