STEP 9. Process On-Site Registrations

The event leader decides early in the planning process whether they will accept on-site registrations the day of the event. If walk-ins are acceptable, an On-Site Registration Form (found on the Extension Registration Resource Library) should be available for completion by the individual registering on the day of the event.

Cash and Check Payments

Cash and check payments should be received following the procedures identified in the Penn State Extension Operations Manual (see Financial Information, Accounting Requirements)

Cash and check payments should be recorded in the Cvent system by Extension registration managers. Instructions for doing so are located in the Event Registration Process document (see Step 7).

Credit Card Payments

Credit card information should only be handled by individuals that have successfully completed the PCI/DSS training and exam. Credit card payments may only be processed at Penn State Extension offices using a Wyse termial or by the registrant using their own computer.

For individuals paying by credit card, the registrant provides their credit card information on the form. A receipt may be issued with a notation that the credit card information has been received and, upon request, a confirmation email can be sent to the registrant when the credit card is charged.

Registration forms should be kept with the receipts and all forms of payment in a lockable bank bag or drawer. Copies of the form containing the credit card information should not be kept in the local office; blackout and shred any copies. Additional information regarding credit card payments can be found in Policy FN07