STEP 1. Review Expectations, Background and Program Identification


With the implementation of a centralized online registration system, it is the expectation that all Penn State Extension events with a registration fee will be established through the Cvent registration system. Only events that have met with prior discussion and approval by the Extension Program Leader will be exempt from this expectation. There will be very few exceptions across the organization in which the use of Cvent will not be required.

Following the recommended timeline will impact the ability to properly market the program and allow adequate time for registration.


“Cooperative Extension events shall present a consistent, clear and memorable image that builds strength and awareness of the value and prestige of the events, of Penn State Extension, and Penn State University. Events will be branded and will have a uniform and consistent name wherever delivered and have a uniform design related to the name of the event, consistent teaching guides, educational materials, and a standardized evaluation method and tool(s).” Extension Reframing: Operational Primer 2009

A centralized event registration system will allow Penn State Extension to market broadly to clientele based on areas of interest and obtain valuable information from stakeholders that can be used for reporting and development of further programs. The use of this system will increase registration, revenue, efficiency, and will allow educators to focus on event delivery rather than event administration.