Undergraduate Student

Steve is a junior in the Forest Management Major.
Steve is a typical student in Forest Resources

Steve is a typical student in Forest Resources

"I believe there is much we can do to improve the quality of our cities, especially through the ornamental use of plants in the landscape"

As a high school student from Philadelphia, Steve did not get many opportunities to spend time in the woods, but he has always enjoyed nature.   Living in the city actually helped him to better appreciate the value of the environment.  His enjoyment of nature and his concern for the environment led him to the Environmental Resource Management major.  However, a summer job in his sophomore year working for the Forest Service compelled him to change his major to Forest Management.  He has found that the experience of working outdoors and helping to solve problems was something that appealed to him. And because there are so many areas of study related to Forestry, he realized that it was a curriculum that offered a great potential for future growth and meaningful impacts.

Steve lives off campus in an apartment he shares with two friends.  He has his own computer and communicates regularly with his classmates and professors.  He enjoys the close relationships he has with his fellow students and the support he receives from the department.  When he is not involved with his studies, his extracurricular activities include baseball and golf.  He also enjoys fishing and has recently tried his hand at hunting.

He is especially interested in urban forestry, with its potential to improve ecological systems as well as improve the quality of human lives.  He is also looking forward to an international experience before he graduates.  He has always wanted to visit the Black Forest in Germany.

Key Attributes:

  • Enjoys hiking and spending time in the woods.
  • Steve is a Penn State football fan and attends most games.


  • Works part-time in one of the computer lab on campus.
  • Steve is a member of the student chapter of the Society of American Foresters and the Tau Phi Delta Fraternity
  • Will be participating in an international study program in Germany.