Current Students

Suggestions for energizing/ enhancing current student content

Helping students develop academic and personal excellence

Creating an online community where students can go to find help, inspiration, guidance, personal growth, and general support and encouragement (ex: Student Corner).

  • In addition to postings for internships, job opportunities, course work, etc., this is a good place for posting information that should provide continuous appeal and benefit to students.
  • It serves to demonstrate the overall ambiance of an environment that is supportive, caring, inspiring, and encouraging. Furthermore, if there is good information, the students will visit often and it can be a place that ignites academic passion and inspiration.
  • This is important for fostering a strong academic commitment in students who may not have yet developed that strength.
  • It is also a good medium for stimulating dialogue and awareness. This would be a collaborative effort involving academic advisers, faculty, students, and communications staff.
  • Not only can faculty provide a valuable perspective, they can also incorporate these topics into their curriculum and refer to the website as a valuable resource that they encourage the students to use.

What kinds of information might be helpful? Some ideas…

  • time management tips
  • tips for establishing a rapport with faculty
  • study strategies (also faculty input would be valuable)
  • developing persistence and goal setting
  • making the most of your undergrad years
  • self-assessment tools
  • the struggling student: what students can do when they begin to struggle
  • the lonely student: helping students integrate
  • the student in crisis: where to go for help
  • support services for students in trouble
  • adviser information: regular postings from academic advisers
  • suggestions for fostering leadership
  • best practices
  • career strategies that can help students as undergrads
  • inspirational essays
  • mentoring
  • tips to facilitate the writing and speaking process
  • benefits of international experiences
  • intro to research
  • the benefits of grad school
  • preparation for grad school
  • immersive learning projects (Ball State University has a good program for this)
  • applied research and hands-on learning
  • trends in education
  • building a culture of innovation and creativity
  • successful job searching
  • preparing for your interview
  • internship ideas
  • building strong partnerships with the larger community

It is not that this information does not exist, the problem is that if it does exist at all, it is often buried in obscure areas within a website.