Pasto Agricultural Museum

See and touch tools and equipment used in early agriculture and rural life. Understand early technological developments in agriculture through the 1930s. Appreciate a time when energy for work was supplied by the power of humans and domesticated animals.

Watch a live demonstration to appreciate the work of the farmer! The Pasto Agricultural Museum is where we connect the history of agricultural science and technology to the present day. Support the museum by bidding on something special in our Annual Silent Auction! The museum holds a silent auction on Tuesday and Wednesday, with more than 200 items available for bid or cash-and-carry purchase. Bids open on Tuesday at 9:00 a.m. and close promptly at 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday.


New this year - Small - Scale Charcoal Making Demonstration

This demonstration will feature three different methods and several displays on past, current, and future uses of charcoal,  The displays will include electricity generation using charcoal (running a fan) , an internal combustion engine fuled by charcoal (running a wood splitter), charcoal filtration, and odor control using charcoal. The production of charcoal from low grade timber, small diameter trees and waste wood (such as slabwood) offers the potential for supplemental income and the generation of a product that has a variety of uses. There's more to charcoal than just grilling tasty hamburgers!

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