Ag Alumni Spotlight: Scott Harkcom '81, '96g Agron

Posted: November 2, 2016

Scott Harkcom, manager of the agronomy farm, the college's largest field research facility works more than 600 acres and manages the agronomic crops at the Russell E. Larson Agricultural Research Center
Scott Harkcom '81, '96g Agron

Scott Harkcom '81, '96g Agron

Scott works with faculty and graduate students conducting research to coordinate field and crop activities such as planting, herbicide application, harvesting, and data analysis. Each year, the agronomy farm conducts between 50-60 separate research projects and is the site of a long-term crop rotation experiment.

Scott credits the Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences for his education and strong science background which helps him with concepts in the field like how plants utilize fertilizer.

While a student, Scott was a member of the Agronomy Club and Ag Student Council which provided him with leadership and networking skills.

His advice to current students, "Don't try to narrow your education too much, take a wide range of classes and be active in activities and clubs."