Dr. Carolee Bull - Microbiomes and Plant Health and Productivity

Carolee Bull was named Head of the Department of Plant Pathology in 2015. She is also a Professor of Plant Pathology and Systematic Bacteriology and Interim Director of the Penn State Microbiome Center.

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June 27, 2017, 10:30 AM - 11:15 AM


The Village at Penn State, 260 Lion's Hill Road, State College, PA

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Microbiomes and plant health and productivity

The term "microbiome" refers to the structure and function of the complete microbial community and its environment (including other organisms). Plant Pathologists think about a particular system called the Phytobiome. In our lab, we are working in the microbiome of cultivate mushrooms and are studying the bacterial blotch disease of mushrooms. We hope to use viruses that specifically attack bacteria that cause disease on mushrooms to control this disease.

Carolee Bull

Bull's work concentrates on phytobacteriology, systematic bacteriology, biological control and sustainable and organic agriculture. She has been published and discussed in leading academic journals such as Phytopathology and PLOS ONE. Since arriving at Penn State, she has taken steps to implement new and improved programs related to staff and student professional development, the college’s Microbiome initiative, diversity and inclusion, the department’s website, clubs, and outreach activities. She also maintains a blog, From the Bull Penn, about her research lab and mentorship efforts.

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