Innovative Technologies for Manure Application

The next generation of manure application technologies, essential to improving reductions of nutrients from agriculture to the Chesapeake Bay, is the focus of this week’s Manure du jour program. This webinar was held April 15, 2010.

Speakers: Dr. Pete Kleinman, USDA ARS, and the “subsurfer” and Robb Meinen, PSU Dairy & Animal Science and the “Manure Expo 2010”

A number of practices are highlighted – including the “subsurfer” applicator for dry manure that USDA ARS and partner research institutions will be piloting in reduced tillage systems across the Bay watershed over the course of the next two years. Combined with a sneak preview of the Manure Expo 2010 which was held in the Mid-Atlantic Region. This was a webinar packed with information for Pennsylvania’s practitioners and those working with best management practices across agricultural landscapes.