Follow the Nutrients: Farm Scale Treatment (including digesters) and regional facilities

This Manure du jour session, was originally titled “Digesters v. Super Digesters – On Farm and Regional Approaches” but the content specialists quickly pointed out that what we are really looking at are farm scale treatments and regional facility approaches – of which digesters are one component – often packaged with other treatments – brimming with multiple characteristics, trade-offs, and considerations. This is why the session was appropriate re-named as “FOLLOW THE NUTRIENTS: Farm scale treatment (including digesters) and regional facilities”. This webinar was held March 11, 2010.

Speakers:  Bob Graves, Penn State Agricultural & Biological Engineering and Bill Shuffstall, Penn State Agricultural Economics & Rural Sociology.

There is a great deal of interest across Pennsylvania and the Mid-Atlantic region in on-farm treatment systems and regional facilities.  While much attention recently has focused on farm scale- and regional digesters, the environmental benefits sought are often requiring coupling of treatment processes.  Considerations for farm-scale- and regional facilities include having to weigh both benefits and trade-offs.