Decision Support tools - Using GIS for Environmental Adaptive Management

Dr. Rick Day, Associate Professor of Soil Science and Environmental Information Systems, Penn State Department of Crop & Soil Sciences and with the Penn State Land Analysis Laboratory demonstrates the decision support tools that he and his colleagues are developing to aid NRCS, Conservation Districts, Extension, and the producers themselves in choosing the best practices given the landscape at the farm scale. Robb Meinen, Penn State Department of Dairy & Animal Science moderates. This webinar was held May 21, 2010.

For Pennsylvania’s practitioners and producers, web-based decision support tools are a part of the “next generation of nutrient management tools” – utilizing sophisticated mapping (GIS, geographic information system) to identify how, where, and when to best apply conservation practices and to project what outcomes those practices will generate (i.e. nutrient/sediment load reductions).  These tools will become increasingly important as farm managers are weighing the trade-offs of different practices for meeting conservation goals, particularly the reduction of nitrogen and phosphorus emissions from the farm.