Poultry Nutrition and Water Quality

How can nutrient levels in poultry manure be reduced?

Nutritional and feed management strategies called precision feeding are the best and most efficient solutions to reduce the amount of nitrogen and phosphorous excreted.

What is precision feeding?

Precision feeding is formulating the ration to meet the nutritional requirements of poultry. To begin precision feeding:

  • Formulate rations based on amino acids instead of crude protein
  • Select feeds with low nutrient variability
  • Use “true amino acid digestibility” to formulate rations closer to amino acid requirements
  • Include additives that reduce nitrogen excretion and enzymes that increase bird performance and diet utilization
  • Avoid and control anti-nutritional factors that impede the bird’s ability to absorb nutrients
  • Use phase feeding
  • Select ingredients with readily available phosphorous

What are the benefits of precision feeding?

Precision feeding significantly reduces the amount of nitrogen and phosphorus released into the environment. It also reduces ration costs and costs associated with manure management.

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