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Manure Expo welcome sign
August 3, 2015

Pennsylvania hosts 2015 North American Manure Expo

The cover crop team organizing bins of seeds before planting
August 3, 2015

Pennsylvania farmers are innovative by nature and by necessity. Providing meaningful metrics to these innovations is among the prime objectives of the active team of cover crop researchers at the College of Agricultural Sciences.

Ray Archuleta does a demonstration on how cover cropping and no-till benefits soil structure in an agriculture system.
August 3, 2015

Hershey Farms in Elizabethtown hosts field day featuring Ray Archuleta, Leroy Bupp and cover crop mixtures

August 3, 2015

Don't miss out on our events for August!

Maya, Emily and Hillary fish sampling!
August 2, 2015

Maya Yakobi, Emily Newman and Hillary Yarger bring energy, fresh ideas to the AEC this summer

August 1, 2015

After seven years of service to the AEC, we say farewell to a valued member of the team.

August 1, 2015

Workshop to be held at Rock Springs August 24-25 as part of "train the trainer" soil health series for conservation professionals

The Phosphorus Paradox
July 2, 2015

WPSU Penn State's "The Phosphorus Paradox" led the station’s impressive haul with six honors.

Register Today!
June 9, 2015

The Agriculture & Environment Center will host a free Stormwater Management Workshop Saturday, June 27 from 9:30am-12pm at the Harris Township Municipal Building.

May 29, 2015

The June Water Webinar will be held in the fourth week of June. The topic will be "Irrigation Water Characteristics in Pennsylvania" by Amy Galford, Penn State Extension.

May 29, 2015

Join the Northeast Woody/Warm-Season Biomass Consortium's Webinar Series on the second Tuesday of each month for their "Northeast Bioenergy Webinar Series". These online, hour-long presentations are free to the public, and feature fascinating and important topics related to bioenergy in the northeast.

May 29, 2015

Learn how to assess how changes in canopy closure, average tree diameter, tree quality, and species composition, combined with regeneration, interfering plants, and deer impacts affect sustainable forest outcomes. Treatment Unit Sustainability Assessment Form (TUSAF).

Curbside infiltration planter in State College, PA
May 29, 2015

Learn how "Green Infrastructure" such as open space, forests, parks, street trees, rain gardens, green roofs, permeable pavers, and rain barrels are helping to conserve viable natural resources and capture, infiltrate and evapo-transpire rain where it falls.

2015 Water Symposium
April 15, 2015

An Interdisciplinary Exhibition of Water Scholarship at Penn State April 22, 2015, HUB-Robeson Center.

Reinvention Fund Symposium
April 15, 2015

The first ever Reinvention Fund Symposium will showcase sustainability projects at the Nittany Lion Inn on April 18, before the kick-off of the 2015 Blue-White Game.

Wastewater Treatment Plant
March 18, 2015

The College of Agricultural Sciences announces the launch of its latest “Science for Solutions” seminar series: “Science for Solutions: Emerging Contaminants.”

North American Manure Expo
February 3, 2015

The 2015 North American Manure Expo, Professionalism in Nutrient Management will take place July 14 and 15 in Chambersburg, PA. This Expo is sponsored by the Professional Nutrients Applicators Association of Wisconsin.

Rob Brooks
January 30, 2015

The Center for Nutrient Solutions presents the sixth seminar of the Science for Solutions series. "What is a Healthy Stream or Wetland Worth? Translating Ecosystem Services to Ecosystem Values, Part 2." This seminar will be presented by Rob Brooks, Professor of Geography and Ecology, and Director of Riparia at Penn State.

Mason King
January 27, 2015

The Penn State Center for Nutrient Solutions continues "Science for Solutions" seminar series this Spring. Join in exploring the many disciplines and approaches in addressing the complex nutrient problem.