Conewago Partner Spotlight: US Geologic Survey

Posted: September 19, 2011

Thinking about fishing the Conewago this weekend and wondering if the forecasted rains will make the stream too high? Thanks to the US Geological Survey, there is now an online tool to help you make the call whether to cancel your plans or not!
Pictured above is the new USGS stream gauge on the Conewago.

Pictured above is the new USGS stream gauge on the Conewago.

 The US Geological Survey

The US Geological Survey is a science organization that provides impartial information on ecosystems and the environment. As part of their ongoing water quality monitoring, USGS recently installed a stream gauge in the lower watershed, along Sawmill Road. The gauge collects monitoring data on a continual basis for a variety of parameters, including stream height, flow, turbidity etc. The monitoring data is then displayed in “real time” for several of the key parameters. A second gauge will be installed in the watershed at Prospect Road in the near future.

Mike Langland, USGS Hydrogeologist, serves as the USGS representative on the Conewago Initiative. Mike sits on the Monitoring Work Team that has developed a long term monitoring plan and is currently working on developing some short term indicators that will help assess early signals of success with the Initiative’s efforts. Mike has been the key landowner contact for USGS in choosing locations for gauges and working out the issues of installation.

Because of USGS’s involvement in the project, Initiative partners and watershed community members can track progress in reducing pollution loads in the Conewago over time.

To check real time stream data for this station, follow this link.